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  • Air purifier necklace
Air purifier necklace

Air purifier necklace

 Product size: about 39 * 39 * 16.5mm
Packing size: 155 * 68 * 23mm
Weight: 80g (including packaging weight)
Number of boxes: 80
Box gauge: 32.5 * 29 * 24.5cm
FCL weight: 7kg
Voltage: DC5V
Power: <1W
Current: <12mA
Material: ABS
Silent decibel: ≤25db
Color: blue, white, silver
Charging time: about 1 hour
Working time: about 12 hours
Charging method: USB magnetic (while charging, the red light is always on; fully charged, the red light is off)
1. Personalized accessory air purifier
2. Ultra-small size, easy to carry
3. Short-time charging, long standby
4.USB magnetic charging, convenient and fast


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